Of all the snowmobile opportunities in Utah and Idaho, the Bear Lake Snowmobile Complex stands out above the rest. This area spans the northern part of Utah and the southeastern part of Idaho. We offer snowmobile tours throughout this area. We also offer Bear Lake area cabin-style rooms.

Some of the more popular destinations on the Utah side of the Bear Lake Snowmobile Complex are the Sinks, Peter Sinks, Temple Peak, and Hardware Ranch. To the north on the Idaho side of the Bear Lake Snowmobile Complex is Beaver Creek, Swan Flat, Gibson Basin, Fish Haven Canyon, and St. Charles Canyon.

These areas all have groomed snowmobile trails, excellent snow quality, off-trail opportunity, and mountain peaks that can be reached by snowmobiles for grand vistas of beautiful blue Bear Lake. From St. Charles Peak, you can see from the Tetons to the Uinta Mountains, with Bear lake in the middle. What a view!

Beaver Creek Lodge offers the best in snowmobile rentals, equipment, and service, with a location right in the middle of the Bear lake Snowmobile Complex. Truly, no one has a better location to serve guests wishing to snowmobile in the Bear Lake snowmobile areas.