Self Guided Snowmobile Tours

snowmobile self guided

Beaver Creek Lodge is in an ideal location for self-guided snowmobile tours. With hundreds of miles of groomed trails at our doorstep, guests enjoy easy access to trail heads and have a great time snowmobiling on their own. Maps and information about the area are available from knowledgeable snowmobile staff members. A few of our favorite trips are listed below.

Our service also includes a satellite "SPOT" device that allows guests to notify us in case of a problem. At the push of a button, this device delivers a message and satellite location to our office. With such a large snowmobile area, it is always comforting to know that assistance is only a button away.

Beginner/Intermediate All Day Trip
Hardware Ranch

This 80-mile round trip on a groomed trail in Utah passes through the Sinks area and leads towards the popular Hardware Ranch Elk Refuge. Points of interest include Hardware Ranch's visitor center and sleigh rides through the elk herd.

Beginner/Intermediate 1/2 Day Trips
St. Charles or Fish Haven Canyon

This 34-mile round trip takes you into Idaho, with the final destination being the beautiful Bear Lake. Noted for great scenery, this is a very enjoyable trip with lots of mountain meadows to stop and play in. When you get tired of playing in the open space, head on down to the lake to get a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and a bite to eat at one of two local cafes.

Intermediate 1/2 Day Trips
Church Hollow, Egan Basin, and Gibson Basin

These areas are located on the Beaver Creek trail: a groomed trial that leads into Idaho. They are popular open spaces with lots of powder and rolling hills to play on.

Intermediate All Day Trips
Peter Sinks, Temple Peak, and Elk Valley Guard Station

The ever popular Sinks area is a great place for open space riding and rolling hills in Utah. Peter Sinks has recorded some of the coldest temperatures in the nation; they rarely mention that the readings are taken in a sink hole some 30 feet deep!

St. Charles Peak

Groomed trails travel into Idaho to reach this remarkable peak. At an altitude of 9,700 feet, a person can stand on this Idaho peak and see from the Grand Tetons of Wyoming to the Uinta Mountains of Utah. This ride is also popular for large basins and deep powder.

Advanced All Day and 1/2 Day Trips
Franklin Basin, Bloomington, North Fork St. Charles, and Minnetonka